63 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

Ep. 69 Interview Grant Genereux: No Vitamin A in Six Years! How is He Even Alive!?

Grant Genereux has avoided Vitamin A for six years! In this episode, he talks about some of the health benefits of this radical diet. If you have an autoimmune condition, you definitely want to hear this interview. Grant also talks about viruses like Measles and how vitamin A affects your immune system. As a disclaimer, he has absolutely no medical experience, and is not offering or suggesting medical advice. His goal is to get a clear understanding of the root cause(s) of the autoimmune diseases. Notes: Quax’s Previous Interview with Grant (Ep. 26): https://quaxpodcast.com/2019/08/ep-26-interview-grant-genereux-vitamin-a-is-a-poison/ Grant’s Blog: https://ggenereux.blog/ Grant’s 6 Year Update: https://ggenereux.blog/2020/08/29/six-year-update/ Grant’s Diabetes Blog Post: https://ggenereux.blog/2020/08/01/diabetes-the-pandemic-of-the-21st-century/ The Effect of Hypervitaminosis A and other Dietary Factors on the Young Pig: https://lib.dr.iastate.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=4833&context=rtd Hypervitaminosis A: A Study of The Effect of Excess of Vitamin A in Experimental Animals: https://brage.npolar.no/npolar-xmlui/handle/11250/173896?locale-attribute=en Concerning The Toxicity of Vitamin A: https://academic.oup.com/jn/article-abstract/16/1/57/4725422?redirectedFrom=fulltext Homepage: www.quaxpodcast.com Music by Jenny Jahlee from Live at KBOO
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