31 minutes | Sep 10th 2020

S02E12: Bill On His Own

Bill manipulated us pretty effectively back in Episode 7 of this season; how well did the sequel do? This superfluous -- and anticlimactically un-Quaidish -- follow-up relies a great deal on how much viewers enjoy mid-'80s Helen Hunt; the harmonica; the redemption of some guy named Doug; and investigating early inspirations for the This Is Us killer crockpot. Join us for hot zoning action as we wrap up QIF's second season. Overall score: 4.5 QQQ score: 2 SHOW NOTES Want to help defray the costs of the pod, like getting a print of that Baretta episode made? Throw a few bucks in the hat at QIF's GoFundMe page! If we're not going to hear The Dennissance, one of y'all should People's review The Times review "Giving Nat a little what-for"
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