53 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

Episode 103: Attending The #SaveTheChildren QAnon Rally in LA

We headed to Hollywood Boulevard where a diverse crowd gathered with signs mentioning "QAnon", "Pizzagate" and "Pedogate" last Thursday. This burgeoning, country-wide rebranding of the far-right conspiracy theory grants it a certain subtlety and potentially broadens its appeal. "Save the children" the QAnon follower might now tell a normie — and who could disagree with that? We attended this chaotic and festive rally and interviewed attendees as everybody marched into the belly of the Hollywood beast. ↓↓↓↓ SUBSCRIBE FOR $5 A MONTH SO YOU DON'T MISS THE SECOND WEEKLY EPISODE ↓↓↓↓ www.patreon.com/QAnonAnonymous Merch / Join the Discord Community / Find the Lost Episodes / Etc: http://qanonanonymous.com Episode music by Matthew Delatorre (https://implantcreative.com) and Christiane Needs FX (https://doomchakratapes.bandcamp.com/album/pappenforumme)
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