101 minutes | Oct 27, 2021

Q&A- Rabbanut Kashrus, Geirim & Mamzerim

00:00 What is the Rav’s opinion on the Rabbanut (for kashrus)? 4:51 Where does 1/60 come from in kashrus, olam haba etc.? 7:11 What is tznius for men? 13:15 Simchas Torah seems to be a holiday that developed naturally. It is a separate holiday?  18:00 Someone starting to take on mitzvos from scratch, should he start with deoreisa first, or would the Rambam disagree? 22:28 For one in Shidduchim, should he look at photos? 26:07 Is there a problem speaking Lashon haKodesh while involved in divrei chol? 35:20 How is birchas hamazon different among different groups. How can people add to it? 39:24 Why did HaShem create such vastness in the universe? 44:45 If a website shop gives a discount for the 1st order, can one always just make a new account? 48:05 Does the Torah say anything about math existing before physicality? 49:55 Kiddish levana doesn’t seem so Jewish.  53:47 the 19th bracha of shemoneh esrei was added late, but even Avraham and Bruria prayer for sinners 58:00 Is there evidence amoraim didn’t know pesukim? 59:50 There is a Gemara that the world exists in the merit of 36 tzadikim. Can we know who these are? 1:01:12 Sifrei kabala are often not revealed until many centuries after they were written. How can we accept these? 1:07:32 How can a mamzer be held accountable for the sins of his parents? 1:11:42 Is there any way to understand the achievements of Rashi? 1:14:06 Why can a Ger marry a mamzer if one has the same status as a born-Jew? 1:18:40 If a kohen marries a divorcée, is the child a mamzer? 1:19:10 In the 6 zchiros it makes point of Miriam’s tzaras when leaving Mitzrayim. Why not in bamidbar, where they were? 1:22:00 What does it mean for the chiuv of chiuv es habrios? 1:23:36 We still wash hands in the morning, but not feet. Why not? 1:25:00 When we speak on the lowering of generations, what is the floor? 1:27:04 There’s a machloches on the source of Ashrei, and csav ashures was used before anyway. 1:30:30 If a Christian missionary marries someone or is mesader gittin, what happens now? 1:33:20 According to the Rambam, are events of Tanakh metaphor? 1:33:45 We see great relation genetically, linguistically etc. with Canaanim. How can this be? 1:35:13 Why do malachim in Tanakh want to give over his name? 1:36:20 Of diasporic languages, why is Yiddish more developed than Ladino? 1:39:15 Chanoch was taken by Hashem and became a malach. What happened? Comments? Feedback? Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series? We'd love to hear from you : podcasts@ohr.edu https://podcasts.ohr.edu/ Visit us @ ohr.edu !   Produced by:
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