62 minutes | Aug 18, 2021

Q&A- Nichush, The Zohar & Teiku

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00:00 in the amida, we ask HaShem to remember he chesed of our Avos. What does that mean?

6:35  Rambam discusses that for someone to be learning full time supported by the community, but if he is pushed into it for social reasons (ie not chosen by community or out of deep love for Torah) is this a chillul HaShem?

18:00 Can a Jew own a store to sell legal cannabis?

22:12 There could be a problem of Jews living in Egypt even today. Could you elaborate on that?

27:29 Does a person have a responsibility to take care of his pets?

32:14 Is putting an animal out of its misery issur re tsar baal hachaim?

34:35 Considering the issur of nichush, how can people look at signs/omens today?

37:37 Is having a broad base of knowledge acquired methodologically or just what he comes across?

41:21 The levi’im seemed to excel in its holiness and avoiding aveiras, so why did it split along the lines of the kohanim and levi’im which were so disparate? 

44:14 What halachic issues might arise in being a psychologist?—Is it appropriate for a ben Torah?

52:12 Who are chazal?

55:44 What is the Nehalem?

56:52 Why does the Zohar contradict a lot of halachic rulings?

58:02 Why do gemaras that end in a “teiku” included?—how do we develop modern halachos from these?

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