64 minutes | Aug 25, 2021

Q&A- Baal Teshuva Integration, Free Will & Jews on Politics

This episode has been generously sponsored by Daniel and Rachel Rabizadeh In loving memory of George Rabizadeh  ישראל דוד בן רבי אבא 00:00 If two brothers marry two sisters, does one widow have a chiyuv of yibum? 4:42 Why do chazal and halacha speak of things like spontaneous generation which modern science can’t prove? 12:40 Sometimes Baalei Teshuva have a difficulty integrating into frum society. Why should this be? 17:58 Why was R’ Yehuda haNasi not martyred along with the 10 rabbis? 21:42 In one’s search for Yiddishkeit, to what extent does one keep looking for proofs? 27:14 What is the most practical answer to the how we have free will if HaShem knows the future? 32:36 Every generation has a moshiach, so how can there be a set date? 38:18 Is triage halachically acceptable and if so what criteria can be used? 46:08 Are Jews allowed to express political views? 49:02 Is there something after olam haba? 55:44 Does power/authority affect free will? 59:35 Considering the work of Christians to prosthelytize Jews, should there be a concerted counter response? Comments? Feedback? Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series? We'd love to hear from you! : podcasts@ohr.edu https://podcasts.ohr.edu/ Visit us @ ohr.edu ! We are proud to announce the beta-launch of the Ohr Somayach app! Access your favorite Ohr Somayach podcasts on the app, at podcasts.ohr.edu or on any podcast platform! DOWNLOAD THE APP! ANDROID APPLE  (Produced by CedarMediaStudios Podcasting)
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