4 minutes | Aug 2, 2020

A Very Special Episode About Our Very Special Episode

We were all set to bring you a Very Special Episode this week with Ricky Cobb, the legend behind the greatest Twitter feed in these United States - Super 70s Sports. Unfortunately, Ricky got hacked this week, so we felt it was unfair to share our passion with you for a feed you cannot see at the present moment. So, we're going to hold the episode until Ricky is safely back at the controls of the Super 70's empire.But not all is lost. We are going to share with you a quick story from Ed Marinaro from the year (or 13 games) Lou Holtz coached the New York Jets.We'll be back next week with a Very Special Episode. Until then, feel free to buy some cool gear at the Super 70s Sports Store: https://www.super70ssportsstore.com. Also, if you want to reach out to Twitter on Ricky's behalf to get his account reinstated and verified, Jack Dorsey's handle is @Jack. 
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