16 minutes | Jul 5, 2021

How Many Goals Should You Have or Work on at the Same Time?

How many goals should you work on? I get this question a LOT "how many goals is TOO Many?" or "How many goals should I have?" Moms often come to me on either side of the spectrum - they have NO goals or TOO many goals. So how do you know how many is 'too many' Here are some things to consider: What is your MAIN focus for the next quarter? If I could only achieve 1 thing in each area of my life for the quarter, what would it be? If I could only work on 3 of those things, where would I spend my time? These questions will help you qualify what is most important to you and then allows you to make some cuts. While there is no right or wrong when it comes to 'how many', I want to encourage you today that LESS is MORE. By working on less goals, you can put your full attention into them and, if you achieve them earlier - start to work on BONUS goals. Instead of feeling behind, you can end the quarter proud of what you achieved and/or ahead of where you planned!

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