8 minutes | Jul 2nd 2020

Ep. 90: COVID-19 and Removing the Pressure and Noise

In today’s episode, I am sharing with you the tremendous amount of gratitude that I have endured in the last few weeks. As we have entered the fourth month since the rise in COVID-19, I have decided to go inward and tap into my deeper calling. With that, I have gained an incredible insight into the future of Purpose Chasers and what it looks like moving forward. By removing the pressure and noise from my life, I have been able to limit the negative space around me and fulfill what I have been called to do. 

Join me this week as I share what I'm learning as I lean inward!

Topics Discussed:

  • Reducing the pressure and noise
  • Why I haven't super active on social media
  • Limiting the negative space around me
  • The new direction for Purpose Chasers
  • Insights and awakenings from going internal 

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