43 minutes | Jun 25th 2020

Ep. 89: Rick Alexander - Ambitious Heroes and Heartache

Hustle is a phenomenal tool to use when working towards our goals and chasing after our purpose. But, hustle isn’t the only tool that we should have readily available. In some seasons of life, hustle isn’t sustainable for our transformative growth. In fact, hustle can’t actually stunt our potential growth if we aren’t careful. Our guest this week shares his incredible insight on how we can utilize other strengths to find a deeper meaning.

In today’s episode, I am talking with a third-time-returning guest, Rick Alexander. Rick is an author, speaker, and educator who specializes in helping individuals and organizations understand themselves better so that they can; increase performance, find meaning in their work and build a life that is in alignment with their ultimate goals. As a former member of the Naval special operations community as well as ultra-endurance athlete, Rick crafts content to help lead people through adversity and into a life of meaning. 


Join us this week as we dive into what it means to truly slow down, go deeper within, and to discover yourself along the way.

Topics Discussed:

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome 
  • Pivoting and finding a new way in the world from a new perspective 
  • Understanding spirituality and how it helps us see past our biases
  • Making sense of the transformative process
  • Why “less is more” and how to get the most out of life
  • Understanding Hustle as a season
  • Why we need to slow down and be more methodical 
  • Understanding the beauty in simplicity 
  • Different aspects of growth and how to keep growing
  • How to play the hero of your own life
  • Why we need to know ourselves on a deeper level


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