49 minutes | Jun 18th 2020

Ep. 88: Marcus Anderson - The Gift of Adversity

What can hardships teach us about our values? While many of us are currently walking through adversity, it can be difficult to see our own potential growth. But what if hardships were the key to unlocking our destiny? Maybe you’re currently asking yourself what you can learn through this season you’re in. Our guest this week shares his incredible insights about hardships and how to thrive in the middle of adversity.

In today’s episode, I am talking with Marcus Anderson, TEDx/Keynote Speaker, Author, Mindset Coach, and host of the Conscious Millionaire Epic Achiever podcast. Marcus teaches us that adversity is one of our greatest teachers. By facing hardships, this can be the defining moment towards both our future success as well as our destiny. As he walks us through his own transformation, we learn why adversity is essential to growth and how it helps us align with our deepest values.

Join us this week as we dive into the greatest lessons adversity can teach us!

Topics Discussed:

  • Finding PURPOSE through the pain
  • Why ADVERSITY can be our greatest teacher 
  • How to learn from our mistakes and GROW from them
  • Why self-loathing is detrimental to our TRANSFORMATION
  • How we can learn DISCIPLINE, HUMILITY, and PATIENCE through Martial Arts
  • Leading with HEART and COMMITMENT 


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