53 minutes | Jun 11th 2020

Ep. 87: Danielle McGinnis - Human Healing and Optimization

Have you ever wondered how masculinity and femininity play a role in our lives? Have you ever wondered how self-awareness, discipline, and self-discovery impact how we show up in our lives? The truth is, in order to have a massive transformation, we need to learn how to go within and truly evaluate ourselves. Our guest this week walks us through how to achieve self-awareness through introspection and contemplation. 

In today’s episode, I am talking with Danielle McGinnis, owner, and founder of AlphaFemme. Danielle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who focuses on strength and conditioning as well as personal development through holistic health and wellness. Danielle shares with us that she believes each and every person is capable of reaching their personal goals if he or she is appropriately aligned with their vision and purpose. As she walks us through her own transformation, we learn the importance of objectivity, shadow work, and spirituality and how they play a role in how we show up in the world.

Join us this week as we tap into the different roles of masculinity & femininity and how to lead from the heart. 


Topics Discussed:

  • The beauty of the masculinity and femininity roles in relationships
  • Building a bridge between masculine and feminine energy
  • Gaining massive objectivity and unaltered perspective
  • How to strip away old realities to gain a new objective
  • Why we need to create authentic content 
  • The power of inner focus and shadow work
  • The number ONE thing influencers in transformation space are missing
  • How ego deaths create alignment with who we’re called to be
  • Truly discovering yourself and connecting with God

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