43 minutes | Jun 1st 2020

Ep. 85: Casey Romero - Taking a Stand

One of my core beliefs is that you can’t have true transformation if you don’t focus on your spiritual transformation. While an intellectual transformation is important in growth and maturation, going to hype conferences and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can only get you so far. So, what does this look like for you? 


In today’s episode, I am talking with Casey Romero, co-founder of Uphunter Solutions whose vision is to “Inspire the human spirit through technology”. She is one of the foundation people who helped me work through my own self-limiting beliefs. Through her ongoing work, Casey is committed that each and every person, regardless of their past or circumstances, has the opportunity to discover their power and grace and impact the quality of their daily lives. It should come as no surprise that I invited Casey to discuss true transformation and how we can overcome our self-limiting beliefs. 

Topics Discussed:


  • The difference between intellectual transformation vs. spiritual transformation
  • Why being “woke AF” isn’t enough if you aren’t taking action  
  • Implementing spiritual practices into your daily routine
  • Why you should be connecting with yourself


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