46 minutes | May 11th 2020

Ep. 79: Rob Mack - Finding Happiness in Hollywood

What if there was more to life than just fancy clothes and nice sports cars? What if you get to your destination only to find that there is something missing. For most of us, we have often felt the desire for something deeper within ourselves. The truth is, we begin to discover that what it is that we have been chasing for so long can’t be bought with monetary means. This is exactly what our guest today shares with us and what led him to discover his deeper purpose in life. 


In today’s episode, I am talking with Robert Mack, an ivy-league-educated Celebrity Happiness Coach, Positive Psychology Expert, Author of Happiness from the Inside Out, and TV Host, Personality and Producer for OWN and E! Robert shares how he went from suicidal ideation and self-hate to finding his inner joy by taking action against his self-limiting beliefs. Listen in as we dive into discovering your deeper purpose and passions in life and be empowered to claim ownership over your own actions.

Topics Discussed:

  • Discovering your deeper purpose and passion in life
  • Why your inner happiness has to come first
  • Taking action against self-limiting belief
  • Why fulfillment isn’t external things  
  • Recognizing your true strength from within
  • Why you are in control over your own actions 

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