7 minutes | Apr 30th 2020

Ep. 76: Why There is NO Such Thing as Pressure or Persuasion

Are you tired of allowing other people to make decisions for you? Do you often feel pressured by your environment to choose to take action? Maybe you feel pressured by society to opt for a specific career path that you’re not passionate about. Or maybe you have allowed your family to dictate what makes YOU happy in life. The truth is, though, oftentimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for taking action. Sure, there are outside influences that can be the vehicle in which you get to your destination, but ultimately the choice is yours. 


This week, I am sharing with you the three-step-process to never be pressured or persuaded in your decision making again. My wish with this episode is that you start taking ownership of your life and start implementing your power of choice. Other people can’t live your life for you so it’s time to stop allowing them the freedom to make decisions for you. It’s time to breathe life and catch fire to what it is that you have been called to fulfill. 


Topics Discussed:

  • How to align yourself with your core values
  • The three-step-process to never be pressured again
  • Why taking ownership over your life is a powerful strength
  • Why you should be 100% committed to your goals and dreams 


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