41 minutes | Apr 27th 2020

Ep. 75: Larry Hagner - Dad Edge Alliance

Are you struggling with connecting with your family? Maybe your efforts for being a positive father figure or a deeply devoted spouse aren’t quite being met. Or maybe you never had a father figure in your life, much less a positive relationship with your father, and you’re wanting to level up in how you parent your children. Regardless of your history, your future can still be rewritten. Sometimes our past, even the negative aspects, are needed to shape who we become in the future. You can make the choice today show up wholeheartedly for your family.


This week, I am talking with Larry Hagner, founder of The Good Dad Project as we dive into what it means to truly connect with your family. Larry shares with us his humble beginnings as he walks us through his personal journey of fatherhood. Being without a father figure present for most of his childhood, Larry shares with us the pivotal moment where he realized the father than we knew he needed to be for his own children. Listen as we journey through connectivity, using past experiences as an opportunity to grow, and how to show up for your family in the most authentic way.

Topics Discussed:

  • The 5 dimensions that encompass our heart and spirit at all times
  • Why connection determines your credibility within relationships
  • Using your experiences to set the foundation of a purpose-filled life
  • Why men need validation through their provision 
  • How staying present is the key to strengthening your family 
  • Why most people aren’t able to connect with their children or spouses
  • Navigating fatherhood and how to show up as your best self through marriage


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