34 minutes | Oct 25, 2018

Between The Sheets

Dee confronts Maddox about her whereabouts but Maddox is focused on dealing with her relationship with her parents or lack thereof. Kay shows up unannounced at Loren’s job and asks about bringing someone new into their home. Stephanie takes a road trip with Patricia imagines a future in their relationship. PURPLE PANTIES: Created by Zane Directed by: Jeanine Daniels and Produced by T.Square. Executive Producers are: Benoni Tagoe, Jenny Radelt and Chris Bannon. Sound Design by Charles Stella. Cast Includes: SIYA (Maddox), Teria Birlon (Loren), Melissa L. Williams (Stephanie), Shvona L. Chung (Kay), Dionne Neish (Patricia), Lynn Wactor (Dee), EP Mcknight (Susan) and Teddy Lane Jr. (Buck). This episode is sponsored by DoorDash (code: PURPLE). See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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