37 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

Truth and Beliefs about Debt: No, We're Not Going to be Enslaved by China

There's a prevailing belief about debt that if you're steeped in it, it's a bad thing. Bill Stierle and Tom discuss how this belief may be true for personal debt, but that's not necessarily true for business debt and government debt. Businesses and governments often have to get into a lot of debt to get the economy running – producing businesses and creating jobs. Large companies like Amazon and Uber took on a tremendous amount of debt before they started hitting gold. In this episode, Bill and Tom discuss the different levels of debt, why we should know how the different levels of debt work differently, and how the rumor that we're going to be enslaved by the Chinese because of the national debt is nowhere based in truth. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Purchasing Truth Community today:billstierle.comLinkedInFacebookYouTube
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