49 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

The Brilliance of Mitch McConnell and other Reflections on Trump’s Impeachment

The drama of Donald Trump’s second impeachment is over and it’s interesting how the criminal courts are going to deal with the people who were responsible for the insurrection. For what it’s worth, the trial has shown two very different kinds of leadership. On the one hand, we have the Democrats under Nancy Pelosi, who are consistently missing on every opportunity to get a home run in their messaging. On the other hand, we have the uncannily brilliant performance of Mitch McConnell, who somehow made it appear to the world that he is taking the right stand, when he clearly isn’t taking any. Bill Stierle and Tom discuss these events that reflect the larger trends of division within the Republican Party and ineffective messaging on the part of the Democrats. So, what happens now? The weeks and months that follow will surely be interesting.

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