37 minutes | Feb 19, 2021

America's Silent Civil War: Our War Of Ideologies And Its Cost To Truth

Most Americans like to think of themselves as ideologically-free and treat “ideology” as a dirty word that they would never apply to themselves. But the fact that there are polarities in the country over this and that issue is the strongest indication that we live and breathe ideologies. There is a silent civil war going on – one that is fought in the realm of ideas and belief systems. It is a war where both sides hold on dearly to their biases as if their lives depended on it. We see this all over the place, from pro-Trump vs. anti-Trump, Republican vs. Democrat, socialist vs. capitalist – the list goes on. Listen in as Bill Stierle and Tom make the case for why we should learn how to live with these polarities and engage in healthy dialogue so that we can move together as a nation without the risk of descending into an actual civil war.

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