106 minutes | Sep 27, 2017

Puckin Hostile Blackhawks Shoutcast - Episode 90

In this Puckin Hostile Shoutcast Episode 90 (the Joe Juneau episode Gatekeeper, is running solo with guest Aaron Goldschmidt from Blackhawk Up. The topics discussed include: -We had some technical difficulties, for which we GREATLY apologize. -The Blackhawks start playing preseason games against Lumbus, Detroit, and Boston. -Alex Debr-invisi-cat mania is going just as you'd expect -Hostile Legend Collin Delia is having a great camp -John Hayden has had a surprising camp. -Leads are getting buried -Roster moves are made, and more to come -Roster predictions. -Surprise appearances? Maybe -Listener/Reader questions. and some big things are on horizon. What will they be? Will you even find out?
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