40 minutes | Jul 13, 2021

Teaching People to Master Their Power Drivers with a Book featuring Dr. Fern Kazlow

Teaching People to Master Their Power Drivers with a Book – Publish. Promote. Profit. with Rob Kosberg Episode 045 Dr. Fern Kazlow Dr. Fern Kazlow specializes in working with high performing leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and other professionals who want to make exponential leaps in their business and personal success. She is committed to helping you master your Hidden Power Drivers to move past perceived limitations, and operate from your True Power State, your No Do Zone™. Dr. K doesn’t buy into obstacles or limitations. What others or, more importantly, you call your “difference”, Dr. K calls your genius. She sees things through a different lens, the lens of greater creativity, power, and possibility.Since the 1980’s, Dr. Kazlow has been interviewed and featured in the major media including WABC. The New York Times, WNBC, and New York Magazine among others. Dozens of her articles have been published and she is an author of a book on Adoption Law. She is currently interviewing 100 top achiever entrepreneurs and experts for her upcoming book — The Resistance Paradox™: Mastering the Hidden Power Drivers of Peak Performance.Listen to this informative Publish. Promote. Profit. episode with Dr. Fern Kazlow about how to operate at peak performance by accessing your power drivers. Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:What Power drivers are and how they determine our state and what we create.How the paradox of Resistance can either hold you back or catapult you to unimagined success.How willingness is a better contributor to success than willpower.How to navigate the landmines associated with becoming an adoptive parent. How writing a book, and knowing how to use it, can be a game-changer for yourself and your career.Connect with Dr K:Twitter@DrFernKazlowFacebookfacebook.com/drkazlow  LinkedInlinkedin.com/in/drfernkazlowLinks Mentioned:drkazlow.comGuest Contact Info:drk@drkazlow.comConnect with Rob:Websitebestsellerpublishing.orgTwitter@bspbooksInstagram@bspbooksFacebookfacebook.com/bestsellerpubYouTubeyoutube.com/c/BestSellerPublishingOfficial Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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