27 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Bonus - The Promise and Perils of the Lung Cancer Screening Tool: Tradeoff’s Dan Gorenstein Talks to Experts and Patients About Early Detection Vs Unnecessary Treatments

On a special episode, Tradeoffs host Dan Gorenstein talks with a host of experts about screening for lung cancer, America’s number one cancer killer. While CT scans have provided early insights into a cancer that previously wasn’t caught until far too late, this tool has also led to unnecessary procedures, costs, and even disability and death for patients that may not have even been sick. You’ll hear from pulmonologist Dr. Gerard Silvestri; behavioral scientist and nurse practitioner Dr. Lisa Carter-Harris; Dr. Cherie Erkmen, surgeon and director of Temple University’s Lung Cancer Screening Program; Johns Hopkins oncologist Dr. Otis Brawley; Ida Pittman, a lung cancer patient, and Helena Price, her cousin and health care advocate. If you like this episode, check out the Tradeoffs’ podcast www.tradeoffs.org

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