2 minutes | Jul 14th 2020

Welcome to Public Books 101

We are thrilled to announce the release of Public Books’s new podcast, Public Books 101, which turns a scholarly eye to a world worth studying. In each miniseries, world-class scholars and writers join our host to examine a single topic from many angles, opening a window into the conversations that experts are having with one another about the urgent issues and problems facing us today.

Season 1 takes on the internet: the vast digital environment that has changed the way we live, work, and form communities. The technology that allows us to conduct more of our lives online brings with it unprecedented data-mining, surveillance, and other concerns.

Where did the internet come from? And how might we work to fix its flaws? In this five-part series, we’ll cover how the internet was built, whose interests it was built to serve, and what it is doing to individuals, societies, and cultures.

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