65 minutes | Jul 27th 2020

Individuals Online (with Amanda Hess & Jenny Odell)

What exactly are we doing when we’re spending time online? Who profits from our presence there? And how has being on the internet changed the experience of being human?


Two high-profile writers who cover internet culture meditate on the experience of being human in the internet age. Social media has presented new phenomena—such as “doom-scrolling” on Twitter or visiting pop-up Instagram “experiences”—for human minds and spirits to contend with. We examine how the attention economy monetizes our time spent online, and Amanda and Jenny consider ways of using the internet that offer spiritual sustenance rather than dread.


Guests: Amanda Hess (critic-at-largeNew York Times) and Jenny Odell (artist and author of How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy).


Visit www.publicbooks.org/podcast for more information about our guests, the texts and scholars mentioned in this episode, and a list of further reading on the topic, curated by our guests.

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