55 minutes | Aug 10th 2020

Cultures Online (with Lauren Michele Jackson & Richard Jean So)

What new cultural forms are developing in the vast universe of the internet? How can observers and scholars keep up with the accelerated pace of human creativity online? And how do racial aesthetics, money, and power play out in internet cultures?


Guests: Lauren Michele Jackson teaches in the departments of English and African American studies at Northwestern University. She is the author of White Negroes: When Cornrows Were in Vogue… and Other Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation (Beacon, 2019) and has published widely on digital media and popular culture.

Richard Jean So is an assistant professor of English and cultural analytics at McGill University. He is the author of Redlining Culture: A Data History of Racial Inequality and Postwar Fiction (Columbia University Press, forthcoming) and Transpacific Community: America, China, and the Rise and Fall of a Cultural Network (Columbia University Press, 2016).

Visit www.publicbooks.org/podcast for more information about our guests, the texts and scholars mentioned in this episode, and a list of further reading on the topic, curated by our guests.

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