75 minutes | Sep 25th 2019

Ep. 59 | Social Dynamics, Filipino Beers, and How to Build Better Connections with Jordan Harbinger | Live from Tapsilog Bistro in San Jose, CA

Jordan Harbinger is a Connoisseur of Connection and the host of the top-rated podcast The Jordan Harbinger Show. In his more than decade-long career in podcasting, he's interviewed literally thousands of the world's sharpest individuals in pretty much any industry you can imagine. From legendary musicians like Moby to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, he's deconstructed the playbooks and best practices of these folks and pretty much everyone in between.   In this episode, Jordan and I met up at Tapsilog Bistro in Campbell, CA right outside of San Jose for some strong Filipino beers and a conversation covering everything from cocktail party social dynamics to practical networking tips found in his free 6 Minute Networking course. Jordan shares plenty of his own stories to demonstrate how his tactics work in practice, as well as a few drinking stories from around the world to keep you entertained.   After you listen, make sure to head over to PubcastWorldwide.com to leave a comment and sign-up for the monthly “Brewsletter.” Cheers!
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