30 minutes | Apr 15th 2019

Ep. 51 | Carlos Gil | Marketing Agency Owner at Gil Media Co. | Live from UNION Kitchen & Tap in San Diego, CA

For over a decade, Carlos Gil has been building a powerful personal brand, both online and in-person. From throwing “Pink Slip Parties” at bars and Jacksonville to building social media and customer advocacy strategies at multiple large companies, Carlos has put in the time and consistent hard work to get where he is now as an international keynote speaker and the founder of his own media agency, Gil Media Co. In this episode, Carlos sits down with us at UNION Kitchen & Tap in San Diego, CA to share his story, a journey that started when he lost his job during the 2008 recession. From tactical advice for building a personal brand to the hard truths about jumping from corporate to entrepreneurship, this episode is packed with some solid tips & tricks that are sure to pair nicely with an IPA from SoCal! After you listen, make sure to head over to PubcastWorldwide.com to leave a comment and sign-up for the monthly “Brewsletter.” Cheers!
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