35 minutes | Feb 6th 2019

Ep. 49 | Dan Pashman | Host of “The Sporkful” Podcast | Live from New York, NY

Dan Pashman is a guy that loves to eat. As the host of the long-running food podcast The Sporkful, Dan and his guests explore everything from quirky nuances about food, to using it as a medium for conversations about body image, race, relationships, and cultural understanding. We traveled to New York City to meet up with Dan where he not only shared his philosophy toward food, but also his hot takes about the current state of craft beer. Expect some colorful commentary about beer snobbery, and great lessons on how Dan’s curiosity continues to help him find new layers about food to explore. After you listen, make sure to head over to PubcastWorldwide.com to leave a comment and sign-up for the monthly “Brewsletter.” Cheers!
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