63 minutes | Sep 23rd 2020

Episode 33 – Being a Board Game Concierge

Welcome to Episode 33 of the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join Gary, and Proper Brian as they invite Hannah and Scott Garbacz on the podcast to talk about being a good board game concierge. Whether you are introducing a new game to players or introducing new players to games, if you like board games, you know how important a task that is. Hannah and Scott have put a lot of thought into how to do this well to ensure a fun game right now and many fun game nights in the future. TIME - TOPIC: 0:00 - Intro/Brew Talk 7:36 - What We've Been Playing 11:06 - Being a Board Game Concierge 14:57 - Dealing with Differing Tastes 20:01 - Picking Games 25:58 - Teaching Games 31:28 - Good Teachers Lose 36:11 - The Long Con 38:30 - Curating your Collection 48:21 - Listener Question: Rescuing a Game Night Source: Pub Meeple