57 minutes | Aug 26th 2020

Episode 32 – Play This Not That – Part 2

Welcome to Episode 32 of the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join Just Bryan, Shuck, Gary, and Proper Brian as they take on Part 2 of Play This, Not That. There are times to play games like Jenga or Hearts but if the opportunity arises to play something more on the hobby side of things, what do you suggest instead of the classic or mass market games? The aim of this series is to give you a list of games to suggest when the time is right. As always, thanks so much for listening. If you like our show please share it with someone else or leave a review on iTunes or your platform of choice. There are lots of other ways to support us including a small contribution via Paypal. 0:00 - Intro/Brew Talk 3:15 - What we’ve been playing 10:17 - MAIN TOPIC - Play This, Not That 12:33 - Trivial Pursuit 15:07 - Scrabble 19:05 - Clue 21:17 - Apples to Apples 24:08 - Dominos 27:17 - Mastermind 30:05 - SkipBo/Uno/Phase 10 34:51 - Don't Break the Ice / Cooties 38:45 - Candyland / Chutes and Ladders 42:39 - Sorry 46:20 - Yahtzee 48:59 - Risk Source: Pub Meeple