26 minutes | Dec 24, 2018

Bo-bo-bo-bonus Episode

Welcome to Episode 9 aka BONUS EPISODE! We take time to reflect on our first season of Psychology of Nothing as well as how human we really are---this includes you! Take a listen if you want to ride the rollercoaster (thoughtfully) with us, including our poignant conclusion that smelling belly lint is just a clear sign of being human. We are preparing our second season and hope you join us for the next ride! Let us know your comments, reflections on our first season, and any other feedback---really, we're curious! Share your inner thoughts with us at our podcast website: psychologyofnothing.com or follow us on Instagram @psychologyofnothing    Artwork: Katrina Weires Humbly recorded at StreamPDX in Portland, Oregon Intro music notes: Sooner Or Later (The Spark That Thought Mix) by The Spark That Thought (c) copyright 2010 Licensed under a Creative Commons Noncommercial Sampling Plus license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/The_Spark_That_Thought/29810
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