64 minutes | May 19, 2021

198. Break the Good Girl Myth with Majo Molfino

For generations, girls have been taught a certain set of rules. These rules are rooted in harmful, patriarchal ideas about what it means to be feminine. Followers of these rules may be referred to as “Good Girls,” and though following these rules makes us more palatable for society, it makes us quieter, less powerful members of society as well. In fact, inflexibly following these rules can prevent women from engaging with the full extent of their feminine power. Join Jill and Majo Molfino, women’s leadership expert and author of Breaking the Good Girl Myth, as they talk about five “Good Girl” myths, why we continue engaging in them, and how to break them today! Listen and Learn: What Jill and Debbie were like as little girls before society’s rules and myths impacted their behaviorWhy and how Jill and Debbie have re-embraced some of the behaviors they engaged in as little girlsWhat Majo was like as a little girl and why she asks each of her podcast guests what they were like as little girlsThe “Good Girl” Myths, how they’re rooted in the patriarchy, and how they impact girls and womenWhich “Good Girl” Myth might be impacting your behavior right nowMajo’s expert explanation of the spectrum of “Good Girl” MythsHow to recognize and break behavioral cycles rooted in myths about being a “Good Girl”Why the edge of vulnerability is the sweet spot for growthPractical advice for breaking preconceived, gender-related rules that are no longer serving you (read: stepping into your feminine power)The complex web of relations between imposter syndrome, capitalism, and the patriarchyHow Majo uses design principles to influence change in people’s livesSome big rules Jill and Majo have broken that have changed their lives for the betterThe positive aspects and strengths related to the “Good Girl” Myths and how to use them for your benefit Resources: Check out Majo’s podcast, Heroine where she interviews top female leaders, creatives, and visionariesTake Jill’s imposter quiz to find out exactly what kind of imposter YOU areBuy Majo’s book, Break the Good Girl Myth: How to Dismantle Outdated Rules, Unleash Your Power, and Design a More Purposeful Life Buy Jill’s book, Be Mighty Participate in Majo's meditations here. About Majo Molfino: Majo Molfino is an Argentine American author, designer, and women's leadership expert. She's the host of the Heroine Podcast, featuring top female leaders, creatives, and visionaries. Her leadership program, Ignite, guides women to design and share a creative dream with the world. With a master’s in Design from Stanford University and a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in cultural studies from McGill University, she supports women in designing their creative purpose without quitting their day jobs. She lives in California with her husband. Buy her book, Breaking the Good Girl Myth, take her free feminine power quiz, and take advantage of her free meditations through her website, majomolfino.com.    Related Episodes: Episode 121. Be Mighty: An Episode for Stressed Out, Worried Women with Jill StoddardEpisode 163. The Likeability Trap with Alicia Menendez Episode 185. Good Guys: Allies in the Workplace with Brad Johnson and David SmithEpisode 176. Fair Play with Eve Rodsky
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