23 minutes | May 21st 2020

[18] – Interview with Lucas Meadowcroft, Chief Visionary Officer at CROFTi

PSAImpact is a podcast series hosted by Chris Timm and Rayanne Buchianico. The series is PSA independent and is designed to help MSPs worldwide get the most from their PSA tool and to manage their business. Get your questions answered by the experts and learn how to maximise profitability and increase efficiency in your MSP.

In this episode, Chris and Rayanne interview Lucas Meadowcroft, Chief Visionary Officer at CROFTi about their product TRIBU.

TRIBU provides productivity improvements to IT Service providers with a convenient integration from Autotask PSA to Microsoft Teams. The system utilises AI to further improve your efficiencies with suggested actions and automation features allowing your team to maximise their technical productivity and customer communication.  TRIBU utilises a Microsoft Teams bot (named Talos) to allow you to interact with Autotask PSA tickets. The two key approaches are designed to improve responsiveness and productivity for the team.

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