26 minutes | Sep 7, 2020

Tunnel 2 Towers CEO Honors Brother and All Who Perished on 9/11

Being a "Proud American" is taking a personal tragedy and turning it into a truly life-changing blessing. September 11th, 2001 changed the lives of every American. For many, it simply changed what everyday life is like in this country. For others, that day changed the entire trajectory of their lives. We went to war and our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters paid that price. In this episode, Marine Corps Veteran and Proud American Johnny Joey Jones introduces us to Stephen Siller Foundation Founder and CEO Frank Siller. Frank's brother Stephen was a NYC fireman who literally ran into the World Trade Center to save lives and sacrificed his own in doing so. Frank honors his brother, veterans and all who perished on 9/11 through his Tunnel 2 Towers foundation which supports our nation's heroes and their families in so many ways.

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