48 minutes | Feb 5th 2020

Angela Zepeda (CMO of Hyundai)

Hyundai’s CMO, Angela Zepeda, joins Pros & Content with Anda Gansca, to talk about how she’s propelling Hyundai from a company people recognize, to a name people admire. Elevated to her role in October 2019, Angela is still relatively new - but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t already made waves. Angela talks about her unconventional journey to CMO, the boundless creativity of her team and collaborators, and the magic that goes into crafting effective content. 

Angela is all about brand story and brand purpose, and she knows everything needs to ladder up to a business result. Angela also stresses her primary goal of educating audiences about Hyundai’s brand story to drive business results, and after Hyundai’s recent Super Bowl commercial, she’s dancing in the end zone. 

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