55 minutes | Mar 5, 2021

Jesse Bradley Interview Ep#197

What if the church, specifically the Western American church fuly embraced its role? What would society look like? How would it change? We discuss this and more with Pastor Jesse Bradley at Grace Community Church in the Seattle area. He's a former professional soccer goalkeeper (played in Zimbabwe Africa, Aberdeen Scotland, and Minnesota), radio host, author, and speaker. A graduate of Dartmouth College, his curiosity about faith and Jesus began there. In an Introduction to World Religions course, he began to read the Bible for the first time. Jesse graduated with a Master's Degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Jesse really enjoys authentic conversations with people of all ages and cultures. After surviving several close calls with death, Jesse is truly grateful for every new day and opportunities to encourage people in their journey and faith. Adoption and God's greater work of unity in the Sound and the nation are close to his heart. Jesse and his wife Laurie have four children and a fun dog named Bella.
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