51 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

Raiders trade Trent Brown + Draft: NFL Couples We'd Like Oprah to Interview | 3/9 #2

The Eagles are reportedly getting behind Jalen Hurts, but is this just a smokescreen for a possible draft trade? And what do the Bengals need to do next to help Joe Burrow? And how alarmed should we be that a letter to Seahawks season ticket holders makes no mention of Russell Wilson?

Jon Gruden's 2019 free agent class looks like a full-blown disaster after the Raiders traded Trent Brown to teh Patriots. And how much blame should land on GM Mike Mayock?

Draft: NFL Couples We'd Like Oprah to Interview - Easterby/Watson, Carroll/Wilson, and other salty marriages that need resolution.

The Giants have franchised tagged Leonard Williams again, but what is the holdup for a long-term extension?

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