55 minutes | May 5th 2020

21: How COVID-19 Has Affected the Mortgage Market with Eddie Fooshang

In this episode, host Jack Marino Jr. speaks with Eddie Fooshang of The Eddie Fooshang Team about how COVID-19 has affected the mortgage market. Eddie and his team passionately educate clients on the home buying process and assist them with securing the right mortgage to make their homeownership dream come true. This episode will help you assess your opportunities in the current mortgage market.


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The Eddie Fooshang Team -– Eddie Fooshang and his team of mortgage professionals are available to answer your questions about mortgage loans. 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill -- Eddie Fooshang recommends this life-changing book on cultivating a wealth mindset.

Key Takeaways 

1) The COVID-19 crisis is causing volatility in the mortgage industry. Many clients are coming in with misinformation about refinancing.

2) If you've been waiting to buy, now is the time to get pre-approved and to get your financing in order because there will be opportunities.

3) If you’re an entrepreneur considering a home purchase, speak with your CPA to create a smart strategy about how to file your taxes in a way that takes this goal into consideration. 

Show Notes

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