65 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

Working with a Trademark Plus Affiliate - A conversation with Chelseah Murphy of Wickfire.

On today’s episode, I have a conversation with Chelseah Murphy, Business Development Manager at Wickire. Wikfire is a data driven digital agency that focuses on SEM work for their clients.I really enjoyed this conversation and I think you’ll find it extremely informative. You may know this affiliate best for their trademark+ SEM bidding, www.buyersguide.org or www.coupon.co website. But there is so much more that they do.This episode is going to be impactful if you:Allow affiliates to trademark plus bid in the search enginesAre 100% against this activityLooking for cost effective ways to maximize your ROI through SEM campaignsWould rather only pay for SEM that produces salesAre looking to maximize your coupon resultsThink affiliates do very little work that they should be compensated for (this may change your mind)Want information on innovative affiliate partnersWickfire does some amazing work in Trademark Plus, Product and Brand Review sites and Coupon area. I hope you find this podcast episode as informative as I did!If you’d like to get in touch with Chelseah or Wickfire, email them at partners@wickfire.com or chelseah@wickfire.comAnd don't forget, we put together a case study focused on controlling customer acquisition costs. This case study highlights the commission structure, technology utilization and promotional strategies we use for our clients’ affiliate programs to help them increase their overall revenue while reducing their cost of acquisition. It can be done, and we outline that in this case study. Go to www.jebcommerce.com/acquisitioncost to get your strategy today.
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