75 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

Tony Pantano - CEO, IMWave - Pandemic, Search and Affiliate Marketing

One of my favorite things about the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast is that I get to sit down and talk with some of my favorite people in the industry, people I consider friends and have known for decades. Tony is one of those and he joins me today.Tony Pantano is the CEO of IMWave. I've known Tony for over a decade and IMWave’s founder, Adeam Viener for two decades. Tony is a great guy, upstanding individual and the kinda civic leader that I wish I could say I was. Tony loves challenges, and we talk about one large one he’s taken on this year, that of School Board Member. The first few minutes we discuss his experience with the pandemic as a member of a school board in Pennsylvania. I think you’ll find the discussion enlightening. Great job Tony, and thank you for stepping up and stepping out to serve your community.Then we dive into search and affiliate. Tony shares some big success stories and the difference between trademark plus and what IMWave does. Hint hint, they don’t do trademark plus search bidding.If you are looking for a partner to augment your search budget, cooperatively help you and your search team drive new incremental sales through your affiliate channel, then you definitely want to listen.We also talk about these misconceptions:IMWave does trademark plus bidding“My search program is hitting everything available”You can’t have a search affiliate and a search term work togetherA Search affiliate will cannibalize your current programAnd moreIf you want to reach out to Tony, you can email him at tonyATimwave.comIn the intro I share about one of our services, Affiliate Program Strategy Roadmap. If you’d like to find out how you can leverage our decades of experience to create a strategy for growth in your affiliate program, check out our service here http://jebco.de/strategy .
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