51 minutes | Feb 2, 2021

Jacob Fu from LocalAdventurer.com talks about being a successful travel affiliate.

My guest and I coined a new word, and a new marketing channel, on today’s episode, Spartnerships. Yes, Jacob Fu and I merged sponsorships and partnerships together. I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation. Jacob, along with his wife Esther, cofounded Localadventurer.com, a travel affiliate and content producer.In today’s conversation we go over their origin story, what it’s like to learn how to drive an airstream for the first time as well as how they turned a simple idea into their financial success. Jacob and I talk about how to work with them from an advertiser perspective. So, if you are an advertiser looking:To work with more content sitesUnderstand how those niche content producers functionTo inspire your travel side againAnd work with more no-coupon sites in the futureThen this episode is for you.
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