63 minutes | Feb 24, 2021

Diana Gee-Calingo, Sr. Affiliate Manager for Tailored Brands - Men's Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank

Are you ready for a very bubbly and educational podcast episode? I hope you are because today we have one of my favorite guests on our podcast, and I think you’ll find her personality as joyful as I do. Diana Gee-Calingo is the current Sr. Affiliate Manager for Tailored Brands. You may have heard of their men’s clothing brands - Men’s Warehouse and Jos A Bank. I have and am also a customer. In fact, my first suit I ever bought to land my first job in the internet marketing space was a Men’s Warehouse suit!Diana and I have a lively conversation about everything from cooking and baking (man I can’t wait to get some of her fresh baklava), to working remotely, to affiliate marketing and to working through a bankruptcy in the affiliate channel.One of the highlights of the podcast is geared toward those who want to move upwards in their career. Diana lays out her strategy for advancement and it begins and ends with the word “yes”. Saying yes to just about every opportunity allowed her to take on projects, demonstrate success and get that next big gig. She also dives into what she would want employers, leaders and managers to know about working remotely. Hint - it’s probably not what you think but it is a vital and may make a huge difference to how you manage your remote workforce.And then for affiliates and affiliate managers. Diana and I talk about the nuances of managing an affiliate channel through a bankruptcy of the advertiser. There are some unique things you need to understand and rough waters you need to navigate, and Diana does a great job of laying those out.You can connect with Diana on instagram - littled99, Linkedin
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