62 minutes | Feb 8, 2021

Dan Amarquaye - From Door to Door Sales to Multiple Startup Co-Founder

Startups, acquisitions, technology affiliates and door to door sales? Yup, we talk about all those things on today’s episode featuring our special guest Dan Amarguaye of Envolve Technologies. I met Dan while he was still with the affiliate recruitment recruitment company he co-founded in 2018, Publisher Discovery.Dan is a true, and successful, entrepreneur and he talks about leadership and the lessons he has learned throughout his career. Don’t miss out and listen through to the end. We dive into his resume and talk about how his time as a Door to Door salesmen on the streets of London allowed him to develop strong relationship building skills that allow him to succeed today.We talked about lessons learned in acquisitions, why he loves starts up and dive into some misconceptions advertisers have about the affiliate channel and coupons specifically. Dan provides great insight into the channel and the importance of affiliates to your marketing mix.If you’d like to find more about Envolve and how to work with them on a performance basis, contact dan at dan.2ATenvolvetech.com or go to www.envolvetech.com
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