73 minutes | Oct 14, 2020

Brian Marcus - Vice President of Global Marketing and Partnerships, TUNE

Or 15th Episode! Today I talk with Brian Marcus, the Vice President of Global Marketing and Partnerships at TUNE. Brian and I go way back, we've both been in this industry for decades, navigated the same circles and have come really close to actually meeting many many times. But until we started this podcast, Brian and I haven't had the chance to actually meet. It's pretty crazy that we have so many common friends and acquaintances, been to so many of the same events, include TUNE events, and we hadn't actually met. Well I am glad we did, and I think the conversation we have will make you think that as well.Brian and I dive into his career path and leadership lessons - Brian has worked at old school hundred year old catalogers, platforms, and one of the largest ecommerce companies on the planet. His experience both in breadth and depth is impressive.We dive into incrementality of affiliate programs extensively and talk about some real interesting tests he has conducted with loyalty and coupon sites. You definitely want to listen to that section.Brian brings a truly unique perspective to this podcast and I am so thankful he spent time with me this week.You can find Brian on Linkedin and at TUNE.com.Brian also wanted me to share TUNE's Ultimate Guide to Partner Marketing, their comprehensive guide to running an affiliate program. Go grab it today!
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