29 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

You're Not Selling What You Think You're Selling

Sign Up for Free Training: http://3cowmarketing.com/webinar "3 Steps to Your Profitable Farm" If you're like most farmers, you might think you sell your meat, milk, or your flowers or vegetables. But what if I told you that's NOT what you're really selling? You see, those products are commodities. You can get them at any grocery (or even convenience) store! So why would customers go out of their way - and pay MORE - for your products? Not because it's meat, milk, flowers or veggies from YOUR special farm. Instead, they buy from you because of what it does for them. Either the problem it solves OR the goal it helps them reach. THAT's what you're really selling! So then - "how do I know what my product does for people?" There's no special trick y'all. I just ask them in a very specific way! When a customer is buying something from you, it's a perfect opportunity for you to talk with them, which makes them feel amazing.  And when you make them feel amazing, they want to buy from you. In the last few episodes of the podcast, I've been going deeper into the concepts from my book, Farm Marketing From the Heart. Today we are going to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes which builds trust. Tune in to this episode,where I dive into why you need to be selling so much more than the products you produce. In this episode, I’m talking all about: The key to knowing what to post about that will get them to purchase How to get people to consistently shop with you vs. someplace more convenient How to figure out what your customers really want from you The game-changing task my employees complete each day The crucial perspective to remember {{ subscriber.first_name }}, what you are selling is NOT what you think you're selling. It's NOT your products you're selling. When you embrace the mindset that you aren't selling flowers or beef or eggs or milk, but instead you're selling a solution that your dream customer is desperate for --- you will create that loyal customer base you're looking for - one who never questions your price. Tune in now and learn how to make customers feel so deeply connected to you that they can't wait to call you their farmer and support you.
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