59 minutes | Jan 7, 2021

THIS Will Make Your Marketing WAY More Successful in 2021

Book a free strategy session to invest in coaching:  http://3cowmarketing.com/strategy How in the world does the shame of “who I am” end up in an interview on email list building?   Tune in to today’s podcast episode to see exactly how I connect the two.   And why it’s imperative we all learn to manage shame or any other fears and doubts that might sneak into our thoughts -- IF we want success.   If we wait till we feel better about ourselves, our marketing, or our products… we’ll NEVER put ourselves out there.   In today’s podcast, where I’m interviewed by Brand Strategist Shereen Pasha, I talked about what I’ve done to overcome personal setbacks and how that propelled me to grow my list from zero (everyone starts at zero!) to almost 10,000 people.   Like I said, this is much more than a marketing interview. You’ll also learn:  
  • How I went from 4000 to 8000 subscribers in 1.5 years.
  • What mindset do we need to succeed at list building.
  • What role my podcast has played to grow my brand.
  • My insider productivity secrets for consistent visibility and business growth 
  • My launch success mindset.
And much more… Tune in and also, click here to learn more about my Tech Assistant, Shereen Pasha and her work helping entrepreneurs gain visibility and scale their businesses.
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