38 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

If Love Doesn’t Pay the Bills… Then What Does?

Go to 3cowmarketing.com/coaching to 5X Your Farm Sales! https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales Let me ask you...Why did you get into the farm business?  Most of us will say that we get into the business because we love it so much.  We want to help people.  We want to restore the land.  We love the lifestyle.  We love the idea of eating our farm-fresh food every night.  THAT’S why we start a farm.  But it’s not what makes our farm successful.  I am sharing how in order to be successful, we don't have to ignore that part of ourselves that yearns for this connection to the land, and a connection to what we do, and a connection to helping people. This love of the land and love of helping people that makes us such incredible farmers is also what makes us inherently good at marketing and selling our products.  Tune into this episode, where I share how your farm marketing must reflect your desire to help people and connect with people through the words you write, and how your passion becomes your best resource when marketing to your customers. In this episode, I’m talking all about: Why you need to create a reliable system to attract the right customers, build a connection with them, and retain them from year to year. The one skill I teach that will guarantee your success.  The one question that will make you LOVE (vs. hate) marketing. The problem with the thought ‘build it and they will come.’ A technique to naturally develop your customers’ deep trust. You can totally build a customer base that values what you do, respects your hard work, and is happy to pay your prices. You can use your love of farming and harness that into a marketing strategy that builds trust and shares your passion with your customers.  Soon you will find that the love of farming that was burning in you when you started your farm can drive the desire to serve your customers.  This is part 2 of a series all about how marketing and mindset work together to build a profitable farm. Keep listening and remember; when you keep in touch with your customers in a way that shows them they matter to you, they will trust you and they will keep coming back.
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