31 minutes | Dec 31, 2020

How to Transform Your Business in 2021

Click HERE for Marketing & Mindset Mastery. What if I told you the biggest secret to reaching your HUGE goals in your life and business is not about what you thought it was? Many people think reaching goals is about better planning, creating motivation, drive, or more organization. Or they think reaching those huge goals depends on having an amazing website or getting into the right market. But instead, what if I shared new research that neuroscience teaches us - that your success depends on how fulfilled you feel TODAY? In today's episode, you'll learn what most of us are doing to try to reach our goals is actually costing us time and energy - AND I'll show you how to create that elusive fulfilling feeling that will drive your success. So let’s get started. In episode 60 I’m covering: 
  • The key question to ask before moving forward with new goals (and why this is the key to building a fulfilling business)
  • Why you might not need new goals for 2021
  • An exercise so you intentionally decide your revenue goals for 2021
  • The ONE question to ask yourself to have success this year
Plus, I’m sharing some of the ways I’ve transformed my business and how these lessons can work for you! Let’s set you up for HUGE success in 2021! Listen to episode 60 now! Much love, Charlotte
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