7 minutes | Feb 12, 2021

5X Your Farm Sales Here

Click Here to Learn to 5 X Your Farm Sales: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales 5x Your Farm Sales, a Marketing and Mindset Course for Farmers. Inside, you’ll get: Lifetime access to three of my best courses designed to help stop the overwhelm, structure your farm for profit, and increase your sales Access to a Facebook group where you’ll meet and learn with fellow farmers on the same path as you 1 year of weekly group coaching with me where you can bring anything that comes up for you along the way and be supported in your growth Enrollment just opened and will only be available until this Friday, February 19th at midnight PT. Plus, inside I give you a marketing system that is so simple and easy to execute, you’ll probably spend less time in the office than before.  Don’t miss this, Charlotte P.S. That marketing system I talked about? Here’s what it does: “Rather than standing around on a cold winter Saturday *hoping* for sales and making only $40, we had already reached out to our people and we *knew* they were coming for our products, making $250-$500.  We are getting more for wholesale eggs than most folks are getting retail. By the end of April, we had already made more money selling eggs than we did for the entire year last year!” -Teddi Click here to check out 5x Your Farm Sales, a Marketing and Mindset Course for Farmers.
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